We are anything but unremarkable. We create something for you that stands out from the crowd.

Who is The Backyard Studios

...but above all, personalities

"We feel as though we are story-tellers. But instead of using words we use imagery. We are photographers, film makers, wranglers of people, places, things. We’d say a little like a composer, but instead of music we use lighting, space, colour and especially personalities."

Content that works

Our aim is to create beneficial video and photographic content that ultimately delivers results. We endeavor to ensure that every piece of content we create portrays the message you want and is effective.

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Client Focused

We want to create something for you that stands out from the crowd. As well as being unique, we strive to strike the balance between time and cost, whilst still stopping the audience in their tracks.


Not only do we take everything very seriously and work to the best of our abilities, but we are also trained, licensed and insured to carry out incredible projects, from underwater to aerial work with or without the use of talent.

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Effective Content

We know how important good content is for your business. You want to draw up interest, add credibility and create something unique – in turn improving your business. We know this and will keep this in our minds right until we deliver your content to you.