The Backyard Studios are Creators of Unique visual Content & Experiences

Creating Film & Photographic content specialising in Aerial, On-board & Underwater work. We produce bespoke, innovative and striking video and images for businesses, brands & products.

We create bespoke content that commands attention and delivers results.

You are in need of unique, extraordinary content that will drive your business, product or campaign. You need to draw your customers in with eye-catching content, making them want to discover more about what you do.

No matter what your content is used for it needs to be successful. Whether you want to drive purchases, to entice clients to navigate through your site or give you or your product credibility – we have the solution.

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Our Clients Say

  • A pleasure to work with. Extremely professional and gets the best shot out of any situation. I particularly love the way they utilise natural light and can capture a moment to create a fantastic image. I can't wait to work with him again in the future! Isabel Wagstaff

  • Very professional, Their ability to adapt to the forever changing weather conditions on the day and produce the portfolio of work for our brand that he did, shows their profesionalism and skill for the art. Mark Glendinning - Supersaturated

  • They nailed it, very well done, thank you. Content General Manager TUI.

  • Amazing results and very passionate about what they do. Would love to work with them again. Jack Thomas - Slade.

Return on Investment

True measurement of success are the clicks, likes, shares and purchases.

We know that our work is exceptional and will meet your objectives, but we want our client’s to be confident in us too. We strive to create work that stands out from the crowd, and do everything in our power to achieve this.

We love what we do, we are proud of what we create, but the true measurement of success are the clicks, likes, shares and comments which goes hand in hand with your return on investment. This is what drives your product. This is the process we follow to ensure we are achieving our, and your goals.

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